Cohousing Conference report
From: Fred H Olson (
Date: Thu, 18 Sep 1997 23:23:18 -0500
The "Burning Souls" meeting today at Puget Ridge was quite enthusiastic
and decided to create a national non-profit organization based on
combining the Rocky Mountain Cohousing Association (and broadening it's
mission to the continent) with the current for-profit Cohousing Network
that does the Cohousing Journal.  The new group will be called the
Cohousing Network.  

The above will be passed on to one of the tv networks as a "news hook" to
hopefully get them to air the segment this Sunday they've prepared but not
yet aired.  (Sorry I dont recall the network / program name at the
Rob Sandelin announced some major revisoins and improvements to the
resources section ow

Lots of good folks, talk, food etc.  Wish you were here.

Fred ( from Seattle )

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