Cohousing Conference report #2
From: Fred H Olson (
Date: Sat, 20 Sep 1997 01:38:52 -0500
This will be short because the schedule does not include much time to
sleep and I need some...

About 150+ people had a great day today at the North American
Cohousing Conference day.  Far more than I can report on here
but I'll mention a few highlights.

Two hours of the morning were used setting the agenda using "Open Space
Technology" -- people proposed topics they would lead for the 6 main
concurrent sessions, then everyone signed on / voted for those they were
interested.  After a process of negotiation topics got assigned to rooms
and time slots,

Don Lindemann talked and led volunteers talking about "Why" (do we do
cohousing)... Included a very funny story that will have to be told
another day.

The first two concurrent sessions covered lots of topics including one I
participated in on Retrofit Cohousing.  I regret I dont feel up to typing
all the topics in.  But notes will be typed up and posted hopefully but it
may be a few days.  After a good meal this evening there was a slide show
with a few slides from many communities narrated by the folks from those

Marci Malinowycz and associates are doing a bang up job of putting on 
the conference.

Good night.

(Note I'll get to some of the admin requests that are backing up a bit
in a few days.)


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