Re: Cohousing Conference report #2
From: Sanda Everette (
Date: Sat, 20 Sep 1997 13:05:58 -0500
Fred,  Thanks for all your work and communication.  Like others, it
makes me feel like I didn't totally miss the experience.  I look forward
to the information about Retrofit Cohousing.

Sanda Everette
San Mateo Cohousing (forming)
> The first two concurrent sessions covered lots of topics including one I
> participated in on Retrofit Cohousing.  I regret I dont feel up to typing
> all the topics in.  But notes will be typed up and posted hopefully but it
> may be a few days.  After a good meal this evening there was a slide show
> with a few slides from many communities narrated by the folks from those
> communities.

> <<Thanks to our roving correspondent, Fred. Please keep these updates coming
> - makes me feel better about not being there!
> Denise Meier
> Sebastopol, CA>>
> Yes, yes to that!  Thanks Fred and keep it up.  Wish I were there too!
> Marty Roberts
> Two Acre Wood

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