Re: Coho vacation trades
From: Sanda Everette (
Date: Sat, 20 Sep 1997 17:47:06 -0500
MartyR707 [at] wrote:
> In a message dated 9/19/97 9:02:12 AM, Pam wrote:
> <<Many of us have for years fantasized about vacation trades with
> folks in other coho communities. >>
> Great idea Pam!  If we ever get built here in Sebastopol (and we will, it's
> just a matter of when), I'd love to participate in such a program.  We live
> in a gorgeous part of the country.  Especially intriguing to think of
> overseas trades.....
> Marty Roberts
> Two Acre Wood - where I'm on my way to a serious cost-cutting meeting to
> bring our budget down before construction.

Hi Marty and Pam,

I was glad to see this idea put out and acknowledged.  It is one that we
have talked about for years.  We visioned a network of communities in
which people who were part of one could visit others.  It was one of our
goals when we started Dragon Belly Farm.  As most of you who have
been on the list for awhile know, we lost our home to a fire last fall
but the beautiful 40 acres are still there with caretakers who love the
land and gardening.  We would be open to the possibility of community
folks spending camping vacations there on the beautiful Olympic
Peninsula of NW Washington.  We probably won't live there again until we
are ready to retire though we do use it as a vacation "home."

We are currently living in the San Francisco Bay area attempting to
develop an urban retrofit project.

As far as thinking about overseas trades:  It might be possible that you
could find suitable trades through one of the regular housing
exchanges.  Check out

Maybe it would be good to create a website for community/cohousing folks
interested in doing vacation home exchanges that could be linked to the
Cohousing pages and maybe the FIC pages, too.

Sanda and Brian Everette

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