Re: Cohousing Conference report
From: ann zabaldo (
Date: Fri, 26 Sep 1997 18:52:18 -0500
Fred H Olson wrote:

> The "Burning Souls" meeting today at Puget Ridge was quite
> enthusiastic
> and decided to create a national non-profit organization based on
> combining the Rocky Mountain Cohousing Association (and broadening
> it's
> mission to the continent) with the current for-profit Cohousing
> Network
> that does the Cohousing Journal.  The new group will be called the
> Cohousing Network.

My understanding of the decision we made is to form a NEW organization
using the  501(c)3 status of the RMCA because it was already available
but that the RMCA would continue as an independent organization.  The
current Cohousing Network which includes the Cohousing journal would be
included in the new Network.

Best -- Ann Zabaldo
Liberty Village Cohousing
annz [at]

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