Child Friendly Landscaping
From: Scott E. Bogard (
Date: Fri, 10 Oct 1997 08:48:30 -0500
<fontfamily><param>New_York</param><bigger><bigger>Sunward Cohousing of
Ann Arbor, Michigan is considering creating a tall-grass prarie to
cover about 3 1/2 acres of land surrounding our houses.  Although this
would be quite beautiful and eventually require little maintenance
(after the first few years of weeding work), some of us with children
are concerned about the child-friendliness (or not) of such a
landscape.  Some of the plants might grow quite tall, creating possible
safety issues (we have a large pond at the bottom of the planned prarie
area which may not be visible from most of the houses). Also, there is
concern that a tall-grass prarie might limit the amount of outdoor play
area for children. I'm interested in any feedback, and to hear about
other communities' landscaping designs and what has proven to be most
safe and friendly for children.



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