Consensus training
From: Paul Kilduff (
Date: Tue, 9 Dec 1997 05:14:40 -0600
from: Paul Kilduff, Liberty Village, Maryland

re: Training in using consensus

We are thinking of hiring C T Butler, author of _On Conflict and
Consensus_, to conduct a workshop for our group (and _perhaps_ other
coho groups and other groups in the area which use consensus) on how to
implement his methods.

Has anybody had experience with C T Butler's workshop, and have anything
good or bad to report?

Has anybody hired anybody else to conduct a consensus workshop, and what
was your experience, and how much did it cost?

Any comments on the general usefulness of consensus workshops?  In our
group, using consensus without group training has been compared to
trying to teach yourself to drive by reading a manual.  Can a group
learn to use consensus effectively by reading a book, or by having
several of its members attend training and then come back and train the
rest of the group?

best -- Paul 

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