Re: Is anyone taping the News?
From: Smith & McGowan (
Date: Wed, 7 Jan 1998 19:56:36 -0600
Toni Smith wrote: 

ME TOO!  Please contact Creek's Bend Cohousing, Troy New York, at
mcsmith [at] if anyone is collecting this TV footage that is being
produced by the networks on cohousing.


Sarah Kerr wrote:
> With all this talk about Cohousing on the news, is someone taping it?
> Being TV-less and probably unable to get american ststions here anyway, I
> would be happy to pay for someone for a collection of the media coverage the
> movement has recieved recently.  Does the Cohousing network have an archives
> ?
> Thanks
> Sarah Kerr
> Wholelife Housing in Calgary Alberta
> Where we are looking at retrofitting and rearranging 26 1905's military
> houses that are for sale and must be moved to a new location....might not be
> ap to date technology, but they amy be cheap!

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