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Hello - 

I've recently joined cohousing-L and have started a resource company here
in Seattle called Cohousing Northwest, in order to promote and support
cohousing in general and to create a database for future developer-driven
/ developer-assisted projects (and general referral information for other
coho groups). CHNW is a dba of my development company, Pacifica Builders,
Inc., general contractor.

I anticipate co-developing my first project under the Streamlined
Cohousing Development Model w/ Jim Leach, Wonderland Development Co. out
of Boulder, CO. 

I'm also available for consulting, with background in land purchase
structuring & negotiations, site acquisition and  feasibility 
under "Site Development Feasibility"), the land development process
(design, permitting, installation of utilities, drainage, roads, etc.),
financing, working with design professionals (engineers, architects,
soils analysis, biology, underground contractors, suppliers, etc.),
construction & constr. management, residential design.

I'd appreciate referrals to any interested people (to expand database)
and ideas as how to get the word out (sending brochures not yielding
terrific results!). Thanx!

For info. &/or brochure, contact: Cohousing Northwest (Jeffrey Leitch)
P.O. 27484, Seattle WA 98125  (206) 276-6213(voice mail), fax (206)
526-1625  home ph. no. (206)526-2791
email coho [at]

Off the subject, I'd like to recommend an interesting site for fellow
pioneers & heroes: the Giraffe Project -

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