Re: TV Coverage
From: Holly (
Date: Thu, 8 Jan 1998 13:17:43 -0600

CMKH> Congrats go out to Matt Worswick and the rest of the group at Harmony
CMKH> Village. It was nice to see Cohousing on the national news. Even though 
CMKH> segment was aimed at showing the benefits for the elderly, it portrayed
CMKH> cohousing, not as a seniors community, but as the caring, nurturing type 
CMKH> community I think we were all hoping it would. I just wish it was about 10
CMKH> times longer!

I agree!  I called many of my friends who have all developed an
interest in cohousing here in Atlanta, and told them to tune in.
Everyone was very excited, and I was really pleased with the way
the community was portrayed.  I too wish it would have been longer, and hope 
the Dateline segment is more in depth.

talmya [at]

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