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From: Mac Thomson (
Date: Mon, 12 Jan 1998 09:43:51 -0600
Rob Sandelin wrote:

> Having been a subscriber for several years, I seem to notice much less
> activity on this list. Used to be a posted question would generate a dozen
> replies, and there were a dozen or so built communities on the list.
> Lately it seems like there are not many built communties on the list, and
> questions don't get answered, so the value of the list becomes less. I sent
> out a status post and asked for replies and got not a one. Does this mean
> nobody else is out there anymore? Or interest in posting has dropped off? Or
> my email isn't getting stuff?

It may certainly be that there aren't as many built communities
represented here anymore.  I don't know.  Are you out there?

One thing I did notice recently that could be contributing to the lack
of volume is private responses to people's questions.  When I recently
asked about how to deal with varying levels of member participation and
how this affects people becoming members, I received a number of very
helpful replies, but they all came to me personally.  I thought that a
bit odd because I thought the topic would have some broad interest,
although I was very happy just to receive the advice.

To me it would seem more useful to post almost all replies to the list
if there's even a remote chance that there will be others out there who
will benefit from the information.  The replies often take the thread to
whole new places that can be very interesting and informative.  It's
kind of like what Chuck likes to talk about with regard to gathering
nodes within a cohousing community, "Activity creates activity."  Once
there's even just 2 people out there at the picnic table sharing a
conversation, more will soon be joining in and soon there could very
well be a half a dozen or more, but if that conversation is held in a
private or in an out of the way place, there will never exist that
catalyst which led to the bigger gathering.

I think that the same thing holds true for us on this list.  The more
activity that happens right here in public, the more activity that will
in turn be generated.  Ideas feed ideas which feed ideas which . . . . .

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