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From: Joe Gotobed via chyba (jgotobedLPL.Arizona.EDU)
Date: Mon, 12 Jan 1998 11:00:38 -0600
I'm with the Tucson CoHousing group ( and we're now working 
Jim Leach, Katy McCamant & interviewing builders.

I've always apreciated this list & it's archives for the historical
wisdom of those who've been there before us. We optioned a 5 acres a
month ago and We've been so busy trying to nail it down I'd been
neglecting the list entirely. Time to see who's still out there :-).

I was thinking just this am that it would be a good idea to be posting out the 
questions that've circulated amongs our members to attract the wider experience 
of this list

Gee... I hope this list is still lively. I think I'll switch from digest to 
regular mopde again.

Joe Gotobed

Come see where Martha and Joe are moving
and meet our neighbors.

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