Re: work and expectations
From: Judy Baxter (
Date: Mon, 12 Jan 1998 11:24:50 -0600
Pam Silva of Southside wrote (in detail, so I won't quote) of the issue of 
ongoing maintenance chores and participation.

<<Are all the rest of you paying for maintanence? Or maybe you don't have much
property in common? Or do you have consequences for those who don't
participate in upkeep? Are we the only ones who endlessly come up with new
work plans in the hope of inspiring more folks to participate in upkeep?
Sounds very very familiar.  We have finally gotten close to the end of major
development  and rehab.  Till now, similar to how she writes of the planning
phase, many many people were heavily involved.  And now, I think people want a
break.  But the same issues apply for us.  We pay for snowplowing ( we have two
long driveways + parking areas) and someone to clean the common living room and 
a few other things, once a month 2 hours.  Other than that, we do what is done. 
And one issue is standards - expectations .  Personally, I haven't yet washed
my own windows in 4 years - I've never seen that as a high priority.  

We too are working on a new system - still in the works.  There are so many
issues - skill levels, standards, time available.  we've tried various systems
for kitchen cleanup - will probably try something new when the Common Kitchen
is finished and available again.  We try not to coerce people into doing stuff
they hate.  It works, somewhat. 

<<We thought everyone would pitch in based on the high level of participation
during planning. Wrong. !/3 of the members consistantly do a lot, 1/3 do some
or are sporadic, 1/3 do very little. >>
        I'd say that if you take into account time variation, we do slightly
better than that, but it certainly is an issue.

<< Many of us who spent 10 hours a week the first year or two doing what
others "couldn't wouldn't didn't" have pulled back.   I sure don't know what
the answer is. I do know I am no longer willing to do it all,  angry that it
isn't more equally shared, and unhappy with the general messiness. >>

I hope you are finding ways to express all this.  We've had a couple of
discussions (I missed the 2nd) that seem tohave been helpful in getting out the
points of view.  It certainly is clear that some of us have pulled back.  The
adjustment is interesting and uncertain.

Good luck!!



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