Re: The decline of cohousing L
From: Green Mac (
Date: Mon, 12 Jan 1998 14:15:56 -0600
Mac Thomson wrote

>To me it would seem more useful to post almost all replies to the list
>if there's even a remote chance that there will be others out there who
>will benefit from the information.  The replies often take the thread to
>whole new places that can be very interesting and informative.  It's
>kind of like what Chuck likes to talk about with regard to gathering
>nodes within a cohousing community, "Activity creates activity."  Once
>there's even just 2 people out there at the picnic table sharing a
>conversation, more will soon be joining in and soon there could very
>well be a half a dozen or more, but if that conversation is held in a
>private or in an out of the way place, there will never exist that
>catalyst which led to the bigger gathering.

I agaree with Mac, here. Responding privately is useful at times but tends
to narrow the discusion.

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