Re: The decline of cohousing L
From: Mona Loofs (
Date: Mon, 12 Jan 1998 16:05:17 -0600
Hey Rob

I just haven't been keeping up with posts - I have a backlog still to get
through. Even so, I've noticed a decline over the one year I've been
subscribed. Maybe everyone else is just too bogged down with their own
work, lives, co-operative living, etc???

On a positive note (and I don't know if another member of our group may
have written in about our news), we now own 4 acres of land in South
Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. In a few weeks time we will be settling down
to seriously finalising our house designs. Now it feels like things are
REALLY hotting up!

A question (and I wonder if there will be any replies to this one?): how do
groups go about getting good consultation going with builders? What sorts
of things do you look for in a builder, how do you know if they will be
good at working with a bunch of highly involved people, what sort of
process do you put in place to address problems during the building process
and what shouldn't we do (eg change all the plans in the last minute)?

I hope this hasn't been hashed over too much already in the past.

Catch you later

Mona Loofs
Hobart Tasmania Australia
mailto:Mona.Loofs [at]

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