Re: The decline of cohousing L
From: Loren Davidson (
Date: Mon, 12 Jan 1998 16:27:06 -0600
At 08:30 AM 1/12/98 -0600, Rob Sandelin wrote:
>Having been a subscriber for several years, I seem to notice much less 
>activity on this list. Used to be a posted question would generate a dozen 
>replies, and there were a dozen or so built communities on the list.

Well, I recall a phase some months back where, when a question was brought
up that had previously been answered, the response would generally be,
"Check the archives before asking your question".  Perhaps more people are
doing that and refraining from asking it on-list?

Just a thought.  But yes, I've observed volume decline, on average, over the
past year or two.

Loren Davidson      
loren [at]
"So many idiots, so few comets" - Seen on bumper sticker

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