Newbie Comment
From: Sharon Villines (
Date: Mon, 12 Jan 1998 16:44:59 -0600
On less discussion: When I hit reply, the message automatically enters
the address of the poster, not the cohousing list. Perhaps the "from"
address should list the cohousing address in addition to the person so
the list gets the response. The other mail list I am on automatically
responds to the list, not the individual poster.

On signatures: I like the signatures that also give a description of the
cohousing unit and their progress, as the poster from Cantines Island
did--telling how many houses were up and how many had moved in.

Sharon Villines
Still Thinking in Manhattan.

PS. Last week I went up and met with Creek's Bend Cohousing in Troy NY.
They have fabulous land and are a very well organized and diverse group
of intelligent people. They have a contract on 11 acres which has a fast
running wide creek on three sides.
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