From: BIGONY (
Date: Mon, 12 Jan 1998 21:54:23 -0600
I put our a request two weeks ago looking for groups who have had zoning
rewritten to allow cohousing and received a couple of responses and was able
to get a second zoning overlay for our planning board to use as a model.  We
had a meeting with the board tonight and they would like us to get more
examples for them.  We meet with them again on Thursday and it would be very
helpful if I could provide them with some more examples at that time.  The
urgency is because we only have three weeks to get this zoning written if it
is to be approved this year.

Thanks to all those who have helped with this already.

Glenn Bigony
Deerwood Village*, Hopefully in Hopkinton, MA
*formerly know as Suburban Boston Cohousing Group
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