Workshop paradise
From: Hans Ehrbar (
Date: Wed, 14 Jan 1998 09:07:47 -0600
One of our members here at Wasatch Cohousing in Salt Lake City is a
guitar maker, who has enough generosity and trust in our community
that he will have his workshop in the same building as our community
workshop and will share some of his tools with us.  The community was
enthusiastic: having someone on the grounds during the day who is
involved in manual tangibly productive work was seen as a very
wholesome thing and a great enrichment of the community.  For some
time it even seemed that a potter would join him, but this fell

Anyway, in order to turn this dream into reality, we have to build
a workshop which is much nicer than what we had originally planned,
and we have to be very thoughtful how to mesh one member's private
business livelihood with the community.  Are there other groups out
there who have similar situations, or who have georgeous workshops?
And advice and experiences would be welcome.

Hans Ehrbar.

At Wasatch Cohousing in Salt Lake City, construction has begun,
but we still have a number of homes for sale.  We have an incredible
rural-looking 4.5 acre plot very close to downtown.  It's on the
wrong side of the tracks, which makes it a little more difficult
to recruit, but the people who end up with us are first class.

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