coho cookbook?
From: Stephanie Fassnacht (
Date: Wed, 14 Jan 1998 14:45:09 -0600
  We at Village Cohousing are in the process of programming our common
house.  I am on the committee dealing with the dining and kitchen
areas.  Have we ever come up with a lot of questions!!!  Several of
the questions are grouped around the issue of volume of food needed to
prepare a dinner for varying size groups, and how much waste of
various sorts this produces.
  One thing that could be of help here are recipes from other groups.
In thinking about this a little bit more, it also occurred to me that
if a coho cookbook were available, it would give new groups something
to start with, instead of their having to figure out for themselves
how long it takes the pasta to cook (stove and pot-size dependent, I'm
sure), how long to allow for stir frying, -- or just what kind of
meals work and which ones don't.
  Is there a coho cookbook available anywhere?  In light of the recent
thread on lack of time for chores, I won't even ask if anyone wants to
take on the task.  However, if anyone out there wants to send me a sample
recipe (or post one to the list), I'd greatly appreciate it.

Stephanie Fassnacht
Village Cohousing
Madison WI

(Porchlight Cohousing to which I belonged for almost 5 years,
disbanded recently due to burn-out among core members).

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