Neighbor's property values
From: Patricia A. DeWitt (
Date: Fri, 16 Jan 1998 17:37:05 -0600
WE are in our rezoning process, just received a positive recommendation
from the Tucson city planner.  Our next step is to get approval from mayor
and council.
One of the objections from the neighbors is the fear of their property
values plummeting. 
Are there any completed cohousing projects that could supply facts that
show an appreciation in property values for the neighbors.
I would be willing to contact Realtors in your area that could supply me
with information.
Thanks for your help, Patricia
Patricia DeWitt, member of the  Community for Ecological Living
being built on 43 acres in Tucson Mountain, in rezoning process
will have 28 homes, currently have 8 families 

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