Re: coho cookbook?
From: Dahako (
Date: Sat, 17 Jan 1998 07:07:44 -0600
Hi everyone - 

I grew up in a house with lots of siblings and guests and more than two
thousand cookbooks - and a mom who was a very good cook.  I don't think any
one cookbook will serve the diverse palates of a cohousing group night in and
night out.  I use a small (about 10)  team of cookbooks.  I'm a huge Deborah
Madison fan (even got engaged at Greens) but only use the "Greens" cookbook
for special occasions (many of the ingredients are unavailable or expensive
here).  Instead, I prefer her "Savory Way" and the new one, "Vegetarian
Cooking for Everyone"  for everyday use. The nutritional info and some recipes
in Laurel's Kitchen and the Jane Brody Good Food Book are useful, especially
for beginners, as is the Joy of Cooking (I have three editions).  The
Moosewood Cooks at Home book is pretty good. There are lots of good Jewish
cookbooks out there with many recipes that are easily convertible to
vegetarian and or vegan. (I'm lacto/ovo veg). 

Your library is usually a great source of cookbooks to take home and try out.
If your library carries cookbooks, they will usually purchase and add your
requests to their collection. In my old neighborhood, I used to browse the
cookbook section in the store, then when something interesting came out, bug
my local library to get it so I could test it out.

To learn tips and shortcuts on serving a large number of folk basic stuff,
restaurants and caterers sometimes use books called something like "Menu
Makers". My mom had a couple (sorry, I sold them before I realized they might
come in handy).  Unfortunately, I only remember the title on the oldest one:
Wenzel's Menu Maker.  It was an enormous doorstop of a book with instructions
for everything involving preparing food for many many folk.  Overkill for
cohousing, maybe, but it sure would be handy if someone had one and was
willing to lend it.  I've never been able to talk a library into the purchase.

At Eno Commons, where we've just started talking about this, and at my
brother's every Friday night dinners, we feel the need for tips on the really
basic things.  For example:  what's the best way to make 30 servings of rice
and how long will it take?  How many pans of lasagna does it really take to
serve 30?  How in the world do you know when you have enough salad?  Does
anyone have a simple starting system for planning menus, shopping, preparing
food, serving, cleaning up and dealing with leftovers?

Whew! Glad you're all out there - 

Jessie Handforth Kome
Eno Commons Cohousing
Durham, NC
"Where it has been raining almost constantly since the end of December - and I
know cuz we need 4 dry days in a row before the first foundation (mine) can go
in!  Prime lots - 4 small and 4 large - still available!"

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