From: Tonka444 (Tonka444aol.com)
Date: Sat, 17 Jan 1998 20:41:02 -0600

Welcome from the insurance capital of the world...Hartford, Connecticut..where
cohousing is taking off like wildfire.  Well, not exactly.

I am the sole member, (along with my family), and since I couldn't recruit any
of my friends, I am now posting fliers around town. Unfortunately my phone is
still silent.

I realize that fliers are not the ultimate marketing strategy, but after
posting many around town introducing "Connecticut's FIRST Cohousing Group" I
would think that perhaps one person might have called.

I am asking the list for any examples of fliers or newspaper advertisements or
anything to get this group going. Do I have to cough up a lot of money right
away on advertising etc.?

Any help with marketing in an extremely conservative market would be greatly
appreciated - because the attitude I am getting around here is.."didn't free
love end in the sixties?"

Shelly DeMeo
Greater Hartford Cohousing
One committed family

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