RE: labor credit / Twin Oaks
From: Rob Sandelin (
Date: Sat, 17 Jan 1998 23:47:16 -0600
An enthusiastic member tried out a small scale system of this called 
Sharingbucks, which was sort of a internal money system for bartering. It 
never went anywhere. My own take on it was that quantifying it was annoying. 
If I want to give time to someone, then I do so. If I have some skill they 
need I am usually happy to share it without thinking about its "value" and 
getting a "fair return" .  

I reccomend that communties that are built making a mimimum hourly requirement 
of all members, and then charging $10 and hour for those that do not 
participate the required hours. Then you can use the $10 an hour to hire 
somebody else, or let the non-participant pay someone else directly the $10 an 
hour to do their minimum hours for them.

I would also make accounting systems annual rather than monthly. This way low 
participation one month can be averaged out with high participation another 

At Sharingwood we require members to contribute 2 hours a month on a team. 
This is 24 hours a year, a very small amount, but its also something like 60 
people hours a month, which is a fair amount of human capital. 

Rob Sandelin

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