Re: Next Home
From: Chris/Meri-Kate Holt (
Date: Mon, 19 Jan 1998 06:14:20 -0600
Sarah, I'm glad to hear from a fellow Canuck who's thinking along the same
lines as myself!

The Canada Housing and Mortgage Corp (CMHC) held a nationwide competition
for a concept it coined "FlexHousing" a couple of years ago. It wouldn't
surprise me if your "Next Home" was a competitor in it. They included
design innovations such as: ~Interior partitions non-load
bearing,~Bathroom/laundry room where the space for a washer/dryer can be
converted into a wheel-in shower,~Closets placed one above the other on
each floor so they can be turned into an elevator shaft,~Kitchens with
counters that can be reaised or lowered to suit the height of the
cook,~Prewiring for home offices, etc., etc. etc.

Check out CMHC's web site at for the award winning
Flexhousing designs. I have contacted the winning designs architect
(Nouvelle Development Corp. in London, Ontario) regarding the cohousing
idea. It is VERY premature for me to even think of an architect just yet,
but I wanted to plant a bug in his ear. Their design would fit ideally into
a cohousing development!

So I wasn't the only one with this great idea?

Chris Holt
Windsor, Ontario, Canada

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