RE: common house refridgerators
From: Deborah Behrens (
Date: Mon, 19 Jan 1998 17:37:40 -0600
At Highline, we're just using a used household side-by-side refrigerator
donated by a resident.  We don't do extensive stocking of supplies
available for sale to residents, other than soda pop.  

Leftovers are generally sold or used within a few days after our
twice-weekly meals, or cleaned out by our 'rot-patrol' on a somewhat
regular basis.  Mostly what gets stored longterm in the refrigerator are
condiments - salad dressings, katchup, mustard (we should have more
refillable salad dressing/condiment containers, but don't).  We do end
up with excess ice cream in the freezer often, which gets recycled on to
future meals.  Occasionally something will get stored for a future meal
(turkey for thanxgiving), but generally we buy in the day or two prior
to a meal, when we know how many are attending.  We don't belong as a
community to a food coop - that takes more advance planning than we have
been able to deal with so far.    

We have kitchen noise problems but not from the refrigerator
specifically - more from the dishwasher and general meal cleanup.  I
wouldn't have an ice maker in my home refrigerator, but it's valuable in
the common house one (actually I think it's broke at the moment tho).

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