RE: common house refridgerators
From: Rob Sandelin (
Date: Mon, 19 Jan 1998 21:46:49 -0600
Sharingwood uses a donated home refer, our dinners are about 24-30 people. Its 
pretty inadequate spacewize and so we are going to probably get another 
donated home refer so we will have two. This should work out better. The refer 
is one of the, or maybe THE largest consumers of energy in the commonhouse. We 
get the used refers for free and if I were to buy one new I'd get one that was 
more energy efficient. 

I was in the Songaia kitchen the other day (they do bulk food distribution for 
other communities) and they have a commercial glass fronted refer like you see 
in convienance stores. It had lots of space but was pretty loud.

Puget Ridge has commercial built in refers. When I have visited there I can't 
recall noticing much noise. You can email Tom Whitemore or Marci at 
sodance [at] for the specs.

Rob Sandelin

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