European contacts
From: Paul Milne (
Date: Tue, 20 Jan 1998 04:14:18 -0600
Hello fellow travellers, =20
Here in Edinburgh (Scotland) we are working on coming up with a=20
financial model that will help us provide not only private houses but=20
houses to rent for those on low income.=20
There are one or two models (fully mutual cooperatives, etc.) but they=20
don't exactly meet our needs.=20
The other problem we are anticipating is that since this is a new model=20
of housing in the UK, lending institutions might be leery of working=20
with us.=20
With this in mind, we are turning to our European economic partners (in=20
the national sense). With the European Union in full swing, there seems=20
no barrier to contacting Danish, Dutch or German banks/credit unions,=20
what have you, who will have more exposure to the co-housing type model=20
-- especially Danish banks, for obvious reasons!=20
If anyone has one or more contacts with Danish groups especially, or=20
other European groups, or know of any European lending institutions=20
(Danish or otherwise) with whom we could get in touch, please let me=20
know. Or if any other Europeans are monitoring this list, I would be=20
anxious to get in touch.=20
Thanks in advance=20
Paul Milne=20
Cohousing 2000, where we are trying to come up with a viable financial=20
model that incorporates affordability, so that we can start looking at=20
sites! There is one we have seen that would be perfect, but we don't=20
really have the wherewithal yet to approach the seller.=20
"I learn by going where I have to go."=20
--Theodore Roethke=20

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