Re: common house refridgerators
From: porcupin (
Date: Sat, 24 Jan 1998 03:48:27 -0600
JoycePlath [at] wrote:
> At Marsh Commons in Arcata, Ca. we made our pantry into a giant cool box be
> running a duct to the north from the floor of the coolbox in the crawl space
> under the building and venting through the roof,  the room is well insulated.
>  We can keep all sorts of stuff the is usually found in a refridgerator in
> there including juice, wine, vegetables, and condiments.  This arrangement
> has resulted in the need for a much smaller refridgerator.

Hey be fair,
In Arcata the weather cools down to the low sixties or below every night
of the year.  Try that in Chico where nightime temps. in August will
bottom out at 78 degrees.  Your greens will last about five hours.

John Poteet
Valley Oaks Village
Chico CA.

Where it's too damn hot in the summer.

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