Re: common house refridgerators
From: Jeffrey Leitch (
Date: Mon, 26 Jan 1998 17:37:16 -0600
JoycePlath [at] wrote:
> Hey, I assumed that folks would take into consideration their climate but our
> cool climate is not the only one in which the concept of a cool box can work.
>  I have used them in areas with hot summers by running the duct underground
> in a shade protected area for a long enough distance to allow air to cool by
> contact with the cool earth.  It works even better if the earth is damp.

Joyce, & group: I'd heard years ago about nataural air conditioning by
running ducting/tunnels/whatever underground (depth below 2 ft? length
200 lf? 4" duct? 8"+?)- something I think the Mayans were into. 
Cool, eh? Anybody out there know any specifics?
Jeffrey Leitch
Cohousing Northwest, Seattle WA

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