Combined w/ Executive Ofcs?
From: Roberta McCreary (
Date: Tue, 27 Jan 1998 22:39:23 -0600
We're beginning a group process to create a combination shared work
environment and shared living environment.  Does anyone have experience
in developing this type of project?  So far,our group has attracted most
mostly mature (40s-50s), single (or married with no children),
independent consultants who are accustomed to live/work space and are
now interested in exploring how this could be done on a grander scale. 
I, for example, want to live part-time in both San Francisco and
Ketchikan, Alaska and would like to create this concept in San Francisco
to fit my needs when I am in town.

Our next meeting is Sunday February 1st, so I'd love to hear about any
leads to others who have already or are planning to create such a mixed
use structure.  

I'm NOT talking about retail on the ground level, offices above and
apartments at the top.  I AM talking about permanent or temporary use by
people who want to access both the joint work space (central office
support, etc.) and some elements of a living community.
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