From: The Newberry Family (
Date: Wed, 28 Jan 1998 21:16:59 -0600
I will share a cooling method that a friend and I developed that works well
in the hot arid summers of central California.

We build a frame the size of an available window opening and put two layers
of evaporative cooler pad to fill the opening and held it in place with
bamboo fencing to allow air flow thru and an attractive look. We placed
1/4" soaker hose between the pads an attached to a 1/4" tube. We made a
trough out of 2" PVC pipe cut in half and let the excess water run it the
garden. A window fan sets in the window and draws air thru the wet pad.  It
is the same concept as commercial swamp coolers but homemade and not
recirculting. Because the water does not recirculate there is much less
mold build-up and odor.

Tiffany Newberry

Thinking about cohousing in Mariposa, CA with a few friends.

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