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From: porcupin (
Date: Thu, 29 Jan 1998 03:05:12 -0600
Rob Sandelin wrote:
> I would second what Judy said. Community dinner is NOT about gourmet meals.
> Its about sharing community around a meal. If you don't like the dinner, don't
> sign up, but bring your plate from home. Its not just the food you are
> missing, its the community building.
> I understand that their are people involved in cohousing who are not there for
> community. Personally I find this very sad.
> Rob Sandelin
> Who just came back from Community Dinner

I find it sad that you think that acceptance of poor cooking equates
with community.  If you would read my post again you would find that I
am arguing AGAINST the concept of "gourmet" meals.  I say again: Cook
what you know.

When people make gardenburgers or burritos I go to the meals.  I know
they can do this.  I have also had the sad experience of trying to hide
the fact that I was NOT going to eat some glop from a cook sitting
directly across from me.  It would have been kinder if I had not showed.
As to bringing my own plate; how would it look if me, my wife and kids
sat down to an entirely different meal half the time.  I already catch
flack for bringing in condiments like chutney and hot sauce.

As for community building; if I spent any more time out in the gardens,
landscape and compost pile my neighbors will tie me down so they can
rest.  I also hosted St. Paddy's dinner, Mothers Day brunch, a summer
barbecue, and made the turkeys(3) for the community thanksgiving.  My
mother cooked the common meal the same day my second daughter was born
on site.  I think I do fine.

John Poteet
Valley Oaks Village
Chico CA

"Where absence really can make the heart grow fonder"

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