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Roberta McCreary's query (say that five times fast) about shared live/work 
space refers to a concept that pushes the edge of the land use envelope, 
mostly because building, zoning and fire safety codes are all based on 
segregation of uses.  It is difficult  to mix uses in one building for this 
reason--that's why the result is usually a layer cake, with each use treated 
from a code point of view as a separate building.  Artists live/work space 
breaks the box a little by mixing living space with "home occupation" type 
work space--i.e. no employees, etc.  But these are separate units, with no 
or few shared work spaces. Stewart Brand talks about a shared live/work 
concept in a former factory in or near San Francisco in his excellent book 
"How Buildings Learn." You might also e-mail him at brand [at]

On 1/27 Roberta McCreary <rmccreary [at]> wrote:

>We're beginning a group process to create a combination shared work
>environment and shared living environment.  Does anyone have experience
>in developing this type of project?  So far,our group has attracted most
<deletion by Fred>

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