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From: Denise Meier and/or Michael Jacob (
Date: Mon, 2 Feb 1998 11:49:35 -0600

On Sun, 1 Feb 1998, Marci Malinowycz wrote:

We now use email for this same purpose. Of course, you need for everyone
to be on email. So far, this has not been a problem, we haven't had anyone
join who didn't either already have it, or was on the verge of getting it
("i've got an account, let me see if i can remember my password") and this
was what pushed them over the edge. When we first started doing this, not
all our members had email access, and we had what we called "email
buddies" who would call with or fax copies of messages that were

We also have a lot of discussions, with mixed results, over email. It is
excellent for getting information out, fast, not so good for discussing
emotionally laden issues. 

Denise Meier
Sebastopol, CA

> My community, Puget Ridge Cohousing in Seattle, did not have either type of 
> newsletter. To handle the rapid flow of news among ourselves in the late 
> development and construction time, for which a newsletter would have been too 
> slow and too much added work, we used a voicemail service. We recorded a 
> greeting that gave information to any outside caller, but the mailbox was not 
> much used for outside contact. Any of us could leave a voice message in the 
> mailbox giving an announcement or other piece of news. Each member had the 
> password to the mailbox and could listen to the stack of messages, deleting 
> old ones when no longer needed. It worked quite well in lieu of a newsletter. 
> I recommend this system.
> -- Marci Malinowycz
>    Puget Ridge Cohousing
>    sodance [at]
>    206-763-2623
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> From:  cohousing-l [at] on behalf of Smith & McGowan
> Sent:  Saturday, January 31, 1998 1:59 AM
> Subject:  RE: newsletters
> Toni Smith from Creek's Bend Cohousing in Troy, NY wrote:
> Does anyone have samples of a community newsletter (in particular the
> pre-breaking ground) stage?  I would very much appreciate a copy of any
> that are out there:
> please send:
> Toni Smith
> 219 Second Avenue
> Albany, N.Y. 12202
> [Creek's Bend has secured an 11 acre site, surrounded by the Poestenkill
> Creek, We are looking for more families to complete our compliment of 24
> families - planning to break ground in 1999]

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