RE: Cohousing Groups Calling Themselves Ecovillages
From: Daniel Nachbar (
Date: Thu, 5 Feb 1998 09:34:46 -0600
> ... Ecovillage status is an ideal -- a goal to shoot for. Most (all?) 
> communities that call themselves ecovillages are quick to say they are 
> *aspiring* ecovillages. ...

No, it is definitely not my ideal.

Walking lightly on the earth is a good thing.
Living in community is a good thing.
Many people (even some in my own community) hold both values.
But they are very separate issues.
I, for one, have no interest in living in an ecovillage.
But I'm very happy to be living in Cohousing.

That said, I very much like the "village" part of the "ecovillage" name.
I have never been fond of the term "Cohousing."  It's too confusing.
Upon first hearing the word many folks
take it to mean that people live in the same house
(i.e. - the people are "co" rather than the houses are "co".)
It also shares the first two letters of "commune."

So I'll gladly take the "village" part, but not the "eco" part.

Dan Nachbar
Pioneer Valley Cohousing Community

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