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From: Smith & McGowan (
Date: Fri, 6 Feb 1998 05:11:15 -0600
Toni Smith Wrote:

Creek's Bend Cohousing in Troy New York is exploring the possibility of
a few owners holding rental units.  Is there experience with "community
participation" on the part of the renters.  One of the typical
advantages of renting is the non-involvement in one's facility or
grounds.  And is there an attempt to hyper select or set a covenant with
all the other homeowners about expectations for community participation
on the part of renters. Meetings, meals, even if optional for anyone are
important for community and I wonder if a renter would find the basic
tenants of cohousing stimulating if they are not fiscally invested.

Toni Smith

Kevin Wolf wrote:
> At 08:19 AM 2/1/98 -0600, Ed Cynewski wrote:
> >In the breif time that I've been subbed to the list, I've noticed that
> >renters are the exception rather than the norm in Cohousing communities.
> >Any feedback about experience with renters in this type of housing would
> >be much appreciated.
> Ed
> Almost every house in the N Street community started as a rental.  This
> neighborhood was and is known as having among the lowest rental rates in
> town, the most student rentals and least number of owner occupied homes.
> Startiug here allowed us to have many lower income people be part of the
> community.
> Six of the houses in the community were bought from their landlords by
> tenants in the community.  By negotiating directly with the owner and not
> through a real estate agency, our community members cut an average of 3%
> off the house price.
> Five of the houses in the community are still rentals.  The cost per room
> in these houses are among the lowest in town.  The landlords seem to be
> willing to keep the prices lower because they know they have a good deal in
> no tenant problems, lost rent etc.
> We haven't done a study of it but I wouldn't be surprised if over the last
> ten years, especially during the first 5) N Street has had among the lowest
> average adult income of any co-housing community.  (This not so true now
> that more of us have moved up in our professions, and we don't have as many
> students.)
> It seems intuitive that by going the retrofit route in a lower income
> housing part of town, there is a much better chance of having the cohousing
> community be composed of lower income people.
> Kevin
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