relocating to Colorado
From: Carol Seger (
Date: Fri, 6 Feb 1998 20:11:58 -0600
My family and I have recently become interested in cohousing,
and have started meeting with a group in the very very early
stages, in Palo Alto, CA.  As it turns out, though, we
may be relocating to Colorado, either to Fort Collins or
to Denver.  

I am going to be travelling for my job interviews
Feb 15-22, and wanted to look at local cohousing projects.
On the web I saw mention of 2 in Ft Collins (Martinez and
Grey Rock) and one other near Boulder (Nyland).  I was 
wondering if anyone involved with these communities 
could give me some information about visiting.
I'd be interested in even just driving by and looking at
the outsides of buildings....

Thanks a lot,
Carol Seger

PS -- We also may be relocating to Claremont, California;
does anyone know if Claremont Cohousing still exists?  I
saw mention of it on the web as of 1994, but nothing more

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