Internet and kids
From: Sanda Everette (
Date: Sun, 8 Feb 1998 10:07:09 -0600
I know many of you have children and many of you even home school.  I
would appreciate some feedback on a website that I recently created,
Virtual Vacations.  It is aimed at older kids.  I would appreciate your
checking it out with them and giving me some feedback.  There are still
some bugs in it and some of the connections are not working.  I don't
have the ability to update it on my own but have to wait for the
webmaster from SCCOE to make changes...don't you just love that URL!  I
will work on creating a mirror site so I can control it...and have a
better address.


Sanda and Brian Everette
San Mateo Cooperative Community

Toward a sustainable lifestyle: 
grow some of your own food and/or know who is growing it.
Permaculture for the Urban Gardener, March 14

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