Re: Renters
From: Eleanor Chandler (
Date: Mon, 9 Feb 1998 04:46:45 -0600
On 7/2/98 at 9:25 am, jeblank [at] wrote:

j> we have all signed
j> participation agreements, in which we commit not to rent or sell our
j> to anyone who will not agree to be a participating member of the
j> this means cooking common meals, being on committees, and attending
j> meetings

What would you do about a household where one partner is very keen and
has agreed to be on committees,  attend meetings, etc, but the other
partner isn't willing to do any of that?  We are in the design stage,
so there's not only all the work required to get built, but there's the
work of the future ongoing running of the place (already discussed here

Eleanor Chandler
Devon Cohousing, UK

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