RE: obnoxious e-mail from Guo Rong
From: Fred H. Olson (
Date: Tue, 10 Feb 1998 11:18:16 -0600
I very much regret the obscene email from
 Guo Rong    guorong [at] 
He can no long post to cohousing-L.  His sub has been dropped.
(Only subscribed addresses can post to cohousing-L.)

A few details in case you are interested -- in chronological order:

1/26/98 Subscription recieved from   Guo Rong    guorong [at]   
Nothing unusual about it tho we have few if an .sg (singapore) subs.

2/9/98  5:30am  Fred was on unusually early for daily attempt to keep
                up with email.  I check my mail once day typically tho
                it varies a lot.
2/9/98  6:22am  Obscene message distributed to Cohousing-L
2/10/98 3:09am  More civil email from Guo Rong asking to get off the list
2/10/98 3:12am  Second copy of " "
2/10   10:40am  Fred checks his email , becomes aware of the problem,
                drops  Guo Rong sub.  And starts this message.

I would guess that the subscription was a forgery.  That is someone forged
the subscribe command.  We do not currently have a confirm process to
prevent this.  We have had an ongoing problem with forgeries but usually I
can detect them but not this one.  If anyone could help implement a
confirm process, please contact me.  

A confirmation process would work something like this:  When a Sub command
is received only a confirm message with a unique 'password' would be sent
to the subscriber with instructions to reply with the password to confirm
the desire to subscribe.  Only when a message with the password is
received would the subscription be entered. 

Again, please accept my regrets about this annoyance  -- the content 
of the message and the unfortunate timing relative to when I checked in.

Lets try to get back to talking about cohousing over the list.
Email about the problem to me is fine.


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