query on children in community
From: William Huber (wshhi.com)
Date: Tue, 10 Feb 1998 16:54:40 -0600
 I have read from some of you about various strategies involving community
work and expectations in your group. I wonder if you can further share with 
me any wisdom regarding the children in your community--policies and practice,
successes and failures. We are very excited to be moving into our units at 
long last, and so the time has come to look at how we all live together! 
 We'd rather not entirely re-invent the wheel, but rather learn from those 
who've forged ahead of us. Thanks in advance for your input, or for passing 
along this request to someone in your group who is in closer touch with 
children's issues.
 Kim Ducharme | Cambridge Cohousing
 175 Richdale Avenue #107 | Cambridge, MA 02140
 kim_ducharme [at] wgbh.org 
 617.492.2777x3895 (day) 617.864.3470 (eve)

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