Re: Subscription Checking
From: Philip proefrock (
Date: Wed, 11 Feb 1998 18:39:18 -0600

  I think that the current level of subscription checking is adequate, and that 
the Cohousing-L 
does not need the additional hassles that a more involved subscription process 

  I've been subscribed to the list for more than 3 years (off and on) and this 
is the first time 
this sort of thing has come up.  If there continue to be problems, then I would 
support adding the confirmation protocols, but for now, I feel it is better to 
leave the list as 
accessible as possible.  Questions from 'newbies' have far outweighed outbursts 
like Guo 
Rong's.  And I think the list should be easily accessible to 'newbies' who 
might be put off if 
subscribing to the list looks too hard.  Until it becomes a real problem, I 
think openness and 
ease of accessability are a better course.
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