Re: obnoxious e-mail from Guo Rong
From: Neil Spiegel (
Date: Thu, 12 Feb 1998 07:27:09 -0600
Hey Thomas,

Get off your high horse! <grin>

Just kidding. I just wanted to prove that co-housing folks could be  
aggressive (don't want my personality to get put in a box.)


Thomas Hackett wrote:
> I was heartened by the number of people who responded diplomatically and
> with compassion to Guo's request for information on how to unsubscribe and
> that no one apparently responded in kind to his earlier obnoxious flame.
> It's good to know that in spite of what one often hears about the
> uncivilized nature of the internet, there are places where informative and
> civil dialogue can take place.  I'm glad this is one of them.  Perhaps it
> has something to do with the kind of people who would be interested in
> cohousing.
> Tom
> Tom Hackett
> thhackett [at]

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