RE: Rhapsodizing about Retrofit
From: Rob Sandelin (
Date: Thu, 12 Feb 1998 09:47:04 -0600
One of the things I have said before, and will repeat here, is that cohousing 
is desirable to most people because of its community elements. The support, 
helping, closeness of people is what spurs most people into this incredable 
real estate developer adventure called building a cohousing project. 

Even if all you do is connect with a dozen people around town, start doing a 
dinner club, and go to the movies, help each other paint your houses, and 
share your stories and dreams, you will be LIGHT YEARS beyond the typical 
isolationist life that most families lead.

So put out the word, get out there, hold some meetings, start a dinner club. 
The only thing you have to lose is your lonliness.

Rob Sandelin
Communities Cheerleader since 1988

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