Re: Answer to Meg (New View correction)
From: Jim Snyder-Grant (
Date: Thu, 19 Feb 1998 11:53:33 -0600
Just for the record...

Joanie said:
>Now at Vashon Island, all the units are single family houses, as they 
>at Sharingwood or New View in W. Acton, MA. (New View, sorry I can't
>remember your new name.) 

Actually we have a mix of attached and detached houses (15 buildings, 24 
households), and we are structured as a condo, so we had the same issues 
as Joanie describes. We did have one household who did a lot of the work 
on their own house, after our builder did the foundation, framing, walls 
and floors. We wrote up some semi-elaborate paperwork for that household 
to sign, which basically bound them to finishing up the work with 
appropriate quality and timing, to certificate-of-occupancy standards, 
so that the rest of us weren't at risk.

And we don't have a new name... We did get to name our road "Half Moon 
Hill", so that's kind of like our name, but the "New View" name lives on 
as well.


Where we signed off on letting the common house construction drawings 
continue, so we can still plan on opening our common house this year.

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