Bulletin boards and other means of communication
From: Peg Blum (peggyblumworldnet.att.net)
Date: Sun, 22 Feb 1998 19:32:51 -0600
As our Common House nears completion, we have formed a Communication Work=
 Team to consider the issues of bulletin boards and signage within the =

The only thing I have found thus far on this topic is:  "You will want =
twice as many bulletin boards as you think."  Where have existing communi=
ties placed bulletin boards?  What works best?  What guidelines do you =
have for maintenance of the bulletin boards?  What are the best ways of =
communicating info about coho meetings (committee as well as general); =
 including meeting dates as well as minutes of past meetings?  What about=
 other coho announcements, e.g. social, recreational, etc.?  What about =
announcements about happenings in the larger community, neighborhood,  =

Is anyone using a touch screen computer monitor to access info such as =
coho meeting calendar?  meeting minutes? other info?  Where should this =
be placed?  Coho office?  Mailroom?

We'd appreciate any words of advice from those who have gone down this =
road before.  Thank you.

peggyblum [at] worldnet.att.net

Cambridge Cohousing in MA, where 7 families have moved in, 2 more to move=
 this week and 32 are patiently waiting for Spring move-in.

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