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Date: Tue, 24 Feb 1998 08:00:28 -0600
On Tue, 24 Feb 1998, M Henner wrote:

> Does anyone have a good introductory video that I can buy or borrow to
> start the ball rolling here again.
> Martin Henner
> henner [at]

Martin, below are three resources, 1 video and 2 on slides

I looked these up on Rob Sandelin's cohousing resource page:

   Cohousing Video  - RMCA Video
   22 minute professionally produced video clearly explains the cohousing
   concept. Full of interviews with cohousing residents and images of
   daily life in many U.S. cohousing communities. $44 postage paid to
   RMCA 1705 14th St. #10 Boulder, CO 80302

                          SOUTHSIDE PARK IN SLIDES
       Developing cohousing in a low-income urban area near downtown
   Comprising 100 slides with 10 pages of accompanying text, the
   Southside Park Cohousing slide show can be a valuable tool for any
   group thinking of developing cohousing, and especially for those who
   want to do so in an urban core area.
   The slides show Southside Park homes and common facilities inside and
   out, with special emphasis on how the 25-unit project, completed in
   fall 1993, successfully blends into an older neighborhood and balances
   internal cohesion with openness to the surrounding community. The text
   briefly touches as well on the arrangements with the local housing
   agency that made many of the units affordable for low- and
   moderate-income buyers.
   First circulated in late 1994, the slide show has been shown by about
   15 groups around North America. Feedback has been very positive. The
   new version incorporates about 20 new slides in place of some of the
   old ones that were a bit redundant. It adds the dimension of time,
   demonstrating how the cohousing community and the surrounding
   neighborhood are changing since we entered the picture.
   The slide format allows groups to use the presentation in different
   ways: it can be shown liesurely, as the focus for an entire meeting,
   or more quickly and selectively, as part of a larger presentation.
   This is by no means a commercial venture, but to cover costs, we
   request a donation of $10 to $30, depending on your group's financial
   state, plus return postage. Users are welcome to duplicate any of the
   slides if they wish.
    David Mandel
    440 T St., Sacramento, CA 95814
    (916) 446-5066
    dlmandel [at]

   Cohousing Slide packet with script
   Twenty slides which are good for introduction for new potential
   members or to show to city planning officials, developers etc. It
   provides a look at the basics of the cohousing concept, as well as the
   projects that are being built in this country. $45 The Cohousing
   Company 1250 Addison St. #113 Berkeley, CA 94702 phone: 510-549-9980

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