Re: Cohousing help needed
From: Michael McIntyre (
Date: Wed, 25 Feb 1998 22:00:22 -0600
On Mon, 23 Feb 1998, Dee Dishon wrote:

>         I have asked for help before for Blueberry Hill Cohousing in Vienna
> VA (near DC) and I'm doing it again!
>         We recently had one member leave as we were at an impasse with him
> and it seemed the only choice. We want to put in place some sort of
> "grievance procedure" to make sure we never get that far again before seeing
> that there is not a match between the individual/family/couple and the
> group. Who can I contact? Help!! Please RSVP ASAP!

Dee, I suggest you post this to cohousing-l [at] to get a
good set of responses.  We're trying to get inplace a mediation
committee to address these sort of things.  Sorry so little time to
respond now.

Michael McIntyre                  Sunward Cohousing of Ann Arbor
michael [at]                   
734-998-7140                            info [at]

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