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Greetings from Cambridge Cohousing in Cambridge, Massachusetts,

Our first eight families have moved in, four of them with children under
12.  Here's a quote from one mom, Sharon Hamer: 

"The dream is reality!  Yesterday the Melvin-Rochlins moved in.  Not 5
minutes after the last mover walked out the door and drove away, Nora
(Hamer-Curran) and Civry (Melvin-Rochlin)  got their bikes out and started
riding up and down the temporary, roughly paved spine in the East End like
it was the Daytona 500.  It was exactly for times like that that we
decided to join Cambridge Cohousing.  I can't wait for everyone to move
in...east, west and middle."  (A total of 41 households, one third of whom
have children under 15.)

peggyblum [at]

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